Five Faves

Five of my favorite things I’m loving this week.

Late post due to the Wagner’s all being ill this past week. 

Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cookies:


Found this recipe on Pinterest and it couldn’t be easier. You can use any muffin mix you want. The absolute best part about it is you can eat cookies for breakfast and not feel nearly as guilty as you normally would. That is winning in my book. Grayson loves these and they last a bit longer than muffins. You only use muffin mix, eggs, brown sugar, oatmeal and some oil. So easy and delicious.

Helpful Products

Let’s Put A Bird On It Day Two Dry Shampoo:

I love supporting the business’ of people I know, Let’s Put A Bird On It is one of those business’. Cassie is the owner and she is such a great human I love and feel good about buying her stuff. She makes everything herself and it’s always all natural. I was skeptical about using the dry shampoo only because the powders usually make my hair look white. This stuff keeps my blonde looking blonde and a little goes a long way. Did I mention she’s a huge animal lover and a portion of her proceeds goes to animal rescue? Yep, she’s a wonderful human and so creative. Her packaging is awesome and she has something for every occasion. Bonus: Cassie always throws in samples of her other stuff and even tea candles to check out her different scented candles.

Helpful products:

BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket:

I know! I know! I’m late on this jacket. This is the jacket that every blogger has had forever but I just bought it. So I’m newly obsessed with it. I’ve worn it so many times already. It’s warm and comes in so many colors. I’m eyeing the pink one next (shhhh don’t tell my husband ;)). I thought this color would only be good for fall but I’ve put it with so many spring dresses.

Sakara Hemp Chocolate:

I have major anxiety and it gets so bad at night. I crawl into bed and lay there for 1-2 hours because my brain won’t shut off or stop thinking about the what if’s of life. I’ve tried so many things from yoga to tea and not much has helped. I found this on Pinterest and was intrigued so I ordered some. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or if it really is the hemp in the chocolate but whatever it is it calms me quite a bit. It tastes delicious too so even if it didn’t work I’d still be able to enjoy the rest of the bottle. The packaging is so cute too.

Articles of Society Sarah skinny jeans:

After having my little munchkin none of my white jeans fit great anymore. I felt like a 10lbs sausage in a 5lbs casing. When I went on the hunt for new ones I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune since I have quite a few that might fit if I get my caboose to the gym. I found these on Nordstrom’s site and they are great. They’re stretchy but don’t get baggy. My only complaint is they have no pockets in the front, but it does make them a lot more flattering. I’ve worn them so many times and they still have their shape. Best part about these jeans is they are only $59. That’s a great price for how wonderful the fit is.

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