10 Reasons You Might Want to Get A Puppy When You Have A Baby

Take this post with a grain of salt. Am I saying every pregnant woman/ new mom should run out and get a dog? Absolutely not! That would result in quite a few extra dogs in the shelters and I’m not a fan of that. I’m a firm believer that not everyone should own a dog. Even before I had my son I knew dogs were a lot of work and even more money. I’ll be honest having a puppy with a baby was one of the hardest things I’ve done. This post is for those people on the fence about whether or not to get a new dog/puppy when they have a baby at home. For us it was and to this day is totally worth it.

My Boston Terrier Bubba was my fur baby for 7 years before I had my human baby. He had so many medical issues I would often refer to myself as “dog poor”. He died unexpectedly and unexplained about a year after my son was born and I was completely devastated. I had rescued him from a shelter in San Diego, so rescues and shelters were the first places I looked. Unfortunately, the Boston Terrier rescues near us have strict rules about homes with children under the age of 10. The dogs in the shelter I saw all needed to be the only dog or in a home with no children. We decided our best bet was to get a Boston Terrier from a reputable breeder. We searched for what felt like forever, and finally found Ruby, A.K.A Penelope. She was 12 weeks old when we got her and my son was just under a year.

Penelope has been the perfect dog for our family. She plays with our senior dog Barkley and is so gentle with Grayson.

Here are my top 10 reasons for getting a puppy when you have a baby.

  1. Your puppy will grow up with children and learn to be a family dog.

    She has grown up with Grayson so she doesn’t know a life without children. So I know if we decide to have another child in the future she can handle it. Or if anything happened to us she would be able to be put in a home with children and there would be no issues.

  2. Your child will grow up with animals and develop compassion for them.

    Grayson has grown up with dogs. I truly believe his kindness and empathy at only 2 years old is partially due to having dogs. When Penelope broke her elbow Grayson learned to be gentle with her. Every day when she’s scared and barks Grayson says “Aw Penelope its okay I’m here”.

  3. Your child will learn how to be responsible for another living thing at a young age.

    Grayson has requested to feed our dogs and so we’ve made it his responsibility and his daily chore. He loves putting food in their bowls and monitoring them to make sure they’re full and that they always have water. He goes with us to their vet appointments and knows that dogs see the “dogtor” too.

  4. Your dog will learn to tolerate kid stuff early and quickly.

    We never let Grayson pull on her or try to sit on her, but it does happen. Especially when your child is just realizing that this furry cuddly thing, moves around, and actually wants to loved and touched. Penelope has always been exceptional at tolerating Grayson’s antics. I’ll turn around for a moment and see Grayson head locking her. She never even looks phased she just lets him practically smother her with love. To be fair he thinks he’s hugging her.

  5. You always have a little cleaning machine close by your kid.

    Kids drop food on the floor. My dogs learned that really early on. I can just imagine what they’re thinking….”This little human can be annoying but he’s always dropping us treats and is always sticky and tasty”. Let’s face it, any cleaning your dog can take care of that you don’t have to is awesome.

  6. Your dog will help your child to be a kid and play dirty.

    One of my favorite memories of Penelope’s puppy days is when we got a bubble machine and went out and played in the backyard. Penelope would eat a bubble and shortly after Grayson was eating them too. Penelope was rolling in the dirt and sure enough, Grayson had to do it too. This was a big deal for us because prior to that our son would freak when he had dirt on his hands.

  7. Your children will learn the unconditional love of a dog early on.

    My son will have his tantrums and cry and Penelope will come up and try to love him. He’ll get upset and tell her no and 5 minutes later she’ll be back trying to lick his tears. He knows his dog will always be there for him. Even when he doesn’t think he wants it.

  8. Both your child and dog learn about sharing.

    Teething necklace Grayson shared with his puppy.

    Neither babies or puppies start out great at sharing. Grayson has had to learn that many of his baby toys look awfully good to a teething puppy. Penelope has learned that just because she’s playing with her ball doesn’t mean Grayson won’t come up and steal it right from under her nose. The beginnings of them learning to share was hard but now they both just understand that they share toys. Penelope plays with some of the kid toys and Grayson plays with dog toys. They’ll even participate in a good old-fashioned game of tug-o-war together.

  9. Both your dog and your child have a companion for all the love and cuddles needed.

    When Penelope gets in trouble she runs to Grayson, she knows that he’ll always have her back. Right when she runs to him Grayson says “Aw it’s okay puppy you a good dog”.
    Sometimes at night he’ll have bad dreams and want to love on her. Even more impressive is it’s like she knows, whenever Grayson is asking for her she’s right next to his crib putting her tongue through right to his face.

  10. You’re giving a dog a home full of kid love.

    My son is full of hugs and kisses and never gets tired of throwing the ball over and over. Penelope will drop the ball at Grayson’s feet and instead of telling her we can play later….like I’m often guilty of….he picks it up and throws it over and over until one of them gets tired. I don’t think anyone could love Penelope or give her the endless amounts of attention she needs like my son does.


Penelope is my son’s best friend. They will grow up together and always have each other. Was it hard to take care of a baby and a puppy? Yes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. They have taught each other so much. They bond more and more each day, it’s such a beautiful relationship.




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