Confident women don’t compete…

So please stop judging the “over” dressed mom you see out and about because chances are….

She sees your side glances and eye rolls. And even though it hurts her she’ll kill you with kindness and respond with a smile. Or just pretend not to notice the undeserved judgment all over your face.

Don’t look at her like she’s crazy to be wearing lipstick, heels, and a head of curls because she’s “just” shopping at Target. And she won’t judge you for your jeans and t-shirt or leggings and Uggs.

Try to keep in mind that this mom stays home most days. That her at home wardrobe is meant for her toddler lifestyle. It consists of things she doesn’t mind getting yogurt, markers, or the occasional booger on.

Try to understand she stays home often; because it saves money, and it’s hard for her to get out with a moody toddler. So when she does go out she likes to dress up and give herself a little boost of confidence.

Once upon a time, she was like you and would get dressed and do her makeup and feel like a human every day. Those days are now luxuries and to spare the clothes she once coveted, and makeup she loved; the only time she gets to really get dressed is for mundane things like the grocery store, a rare playdate, or the pediatrician.

If you knew this dressed up mom, you’d know she’s the first to give a compliment and the last to judge anyone.

She doesn’t think she’s better than you or any other mom. It’s just something that makes her feel like more like her pre-kid days and less like her sloppy, every day, self.

She loves being a mother but knows that is not all she is. Dressing up reminds her she is more than just the role of stay at home mom.

She’s more than the stains she’s so used to seeing every day. That she can be that well-dressed woman she once was, even with a toddler in tow.

She doesn’t do it to make anyone feel bad or to look better than anyone she does it to help herself to feel good.

Whether you see the mom in Uggs and leggings, or heels and pearls, just try to remember; we’re all just trying to survive motherhood. Any way that we can.

So be kind.

xo Rachel





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