Keep your money, I’m just hoping for some change.

One of my goals for 2017 is to be more authentic. Not just showing the good in my life but nitty gritty as well.

With that being said I’m so heartbroken over current events I just have to get it all out. So here goes….well, everything:

I’m an emotional person, I’ve always been one. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad. I cried when my neighbor’s dog died, listening to him choked up about not being there when it happened. I cried when both of my best friends got engaged. I even cried during Guardians of the Galaxy. Like choked up, ugly crying, with loud sound effects. You know, that funny, action packed, comic book based movie with the talking Raccoon? Yep, that’s the one! Now, I don’t know many people who would cry at all watching that movie, let alone more than once. I cried not once, not twice but I’d say 3 times. I still to this day get choked up when Groot comes back as a little dancing stick.

I guess I’ve always taken the saying “put yourself in others shoes” seriously. I put myself in multiple people’s shoes, daily. I feel so many emotions outside of my own. My heart jumps for joy and breaks for strangers all the time.

Up until recently I always put my extreme empathy in my cons column. I mean, why can’t I be like the vast majority and shrug off the world and just say it’s not me it’s not my problem? Why does every good and bad thing that ever happens always have to hit me in the gut and affect me the same as getting the wind knocked out of me? Why can’t I just read the news and not get emotionally invested? Why do I see a news story about a dog being rescued and feel like my heart got ripped out of my chest? Why can’t I watch the Clear Blue commercial where the ladies tell their spouses and family they’re pregnant and not cry like it was my own pregnancy test?

I guess when you’ve been walking so long in other people’s shoes it’s not something you can shut off. Well, I’m done trying to shut it off. I’m done trying to pretend things don’t affect me just because they aren’t happening to me. With everything going on here and all over the world I am sad. I’m sad for my friends, I’m sad for my family, but most of all I’m sad my kid and the rest of the children who have been born into this.

Time for Change

I realized with all the crazy horrible things happening in the US and the world that maybe being an “overly” emotional person is needed.

Maybe having a few more people who are affected by the world’s ups and downs will change it.

We need more people to care. We need more people to cry over people killing other people. We need less hate, and less anger, and less discrimination. We need to stop sharing posts that are pointless and aimed to start arguments.

Yes, there are bad people in the world but they come in all shapes and sizes and races and religions and backgrounds and cities and countries and continents. A few bad people in the world do not mean humanity is bad. Sitting back because it’s not your child, your wife your husband, your friend is not okay.

Just because you didn’t know the person who died doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry and be sad as someone who knew them would. Any unjustified loss of life is one to be sad about regardless if you knew them or not. We need to care. We need more empathy and more tears. We need to care about every life lost. We should be coming together and loving each other and instead, we’re drawing lines and choosing sides. The world has gone to shit and we need to choose the side where people don’t kill each other.

Love thy neighbor, love thyself, love the world.

❤ Rachel

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